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Sheet Metal Rolling Defects: Causes & Remedies

When sheet metal is formed, it may be used by many different tools or sent through different machines. Sheet metal is cut, rolled, and manipulated into different shapes and objects that form a wide variety of purposes.

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ISO Quality & Design Specs for Sheet Metal Military Standards

When working with military products, there are limits to the types of components you can use. Sheet metal manufacturers may be required to work on engines, airframes, space vehicles, ships, and land or underwater vehicles.


Because this type of...

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5 Paths to Perfect Sheet Metal Enclosure Design

Industrial metal enclosures often follow a set of design guidelines that ensure manufacturability. If you are familiar with the basics, it makes your job easier. There are now several CAD programs designed to help engineers in the planning and...

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Sheet Metal Glossary for Laser Cutting & Shearing

How well do you know your sheet metal cutting and shearing terminology? Pretty well? Or could you use a refresher so you can understand what your sheet metal fabricator is trying to do and how to effectively communicate with it?

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Sheet Metal Stats: Industry Trends and More

When you take a moment to think of just how much is built using metal, it shouldn’t surprise you to learn that the metal fabrication market is an industry on the rise. According to theU.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the industry is currently in...

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4 Common Weld Defects & How to Prevent Them in Your Sheet Metal Design

Has your manufacturer ever handed you a finished product that’s an eyesore or, even worse, poorly put together? It may be due to pesky weld defects.


Twists and turns are common when it comes to welding metal. Check these common welding...

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CHECKLIST: Sheet Metal Design Guidelines & Tolerances

To manufacture sheet metal efficiently, reduce errors, and cut costs, you have to apply the engineering principle of design for manufacturing (DFM). DFM simplifies manufacturing sheet metal by considering design guidelines and tolerances that...

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3 Simple Steps for VAVE Cost Reduction in Manufacturing

Reducing the cost of production should be an everyday goal, no matter your business. Value analysis (VA) and value engineering (VE), or VAVE, plays an important role in cost reduction for manufacturing.

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Sheet Metal Design Basics for DFM

Design for manufacturability is now a common concept in many industries, including the sheet metal design sector. Sheet metal design basic fundamentals make manufacturing a sure thing instead of crossing your fingers that everything will turn out...

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Seam Welding Takes Center Stage in Sheet Metal Fabrication

Seam welding is taking off in the sheet metal fabrication industry. Large and small shops are adopting either resistance seam welding, laser seam welding, or maybe both.

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