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Sep 16, 2022 9:00:00 AM

Robots, Can They Take Over the Welding Industry?

These are one of the things that would always come up in conversations. Sure, it might sound possible with concern, but we understand where they are coming from when it’s been brought up. Because we feel it wouldn’t completely replace manual welding with automated welding but, we do know that having automated welding has big benefits for companies to integrate this intro their operations to boost productivity. And we have the proof.


Reduced Labor Cost


We already know that this does not replace workers, it simply allows companies to be able to be flexible to hiring new employees. Whereas needing to hire a very experienced and motivated welder who may need a higher pay, companies can make decisions to hire people coming right out of high school or even welders with less experience who have the welding fundamentals which would boost improving the robots’ program or moving pieces as needed. It also lowers factors like sick leave, workplace injuries, and staff turnover.


Consistent and Quick


This one is always a good one because who wants a slow production right? The worker can load the program from the laser and once the program runs, consistent welds happen. This helps eliminate factors that could be problematic to production. With manual welding there tends to be a lot of starting and stopping or slowing down to focus. The robot helps eliminate this and the speed is greater. The robot can keep the same consistent speed for every piece, ultimately speeding up production on the floor. Robots never get tired, but they do require preventive maintenance from time to time.


Lower Consumables


With the robot in production producing less errors, there is less materials wasted as well. This would allow companies to make a larger profit by having more products in the end to sell. With the program programmed to accuracy, this sets it apart from manual welding.


It’s Not All Bells and Whistles Right?


Automated welding systems can get expensive. But for larger operations, the machine will pay itself off before you know it. With high labor costs, overtime production, these are just some examples that would outweigh the initial cost of the robot.


Prove It!


Here at Blackstone Advanced Technologies, we have acquired a welding automated robot, and more are on the way. Our team is amazed the clean welds it produces, and employment is still a necessity for us.


Want to see our automated welding system? Go check out our welding section. Need something custom welded? Feel free to contact us.