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Sep 20, 2021 9:00:00 AM

Is Fiber Laser Cutting The Proper Solution For Your Application?

With today’s technologies, fiber laser systems have built their capabilities to be able to cut metals that are high quality and to accommodate precise geometries of different parts. These are challenging to other processes as well. When it involves the ultimate decision to having the ability to use a fiber laser machine, customers sometimes focus more on the extra aspects that are to be specific to their case. This includes a specific system that can handle their part(s) tolerances questioning if it is an economical choice to use a fiber laser machine to produce their parts. Here are two questions that are discussed involving this.


CO2 Vs. Fiber Laser Cutting

Fiber laser cutting machines has been recently dominating the use of cutting sheet metals. The use of there’s a no cut degradation thanks to the misalignment or maybe contamination of mirrors leading to higher cutting speeds, the power to cut reflective metals such as copper and brass, the freedom from maintaining, and lower cost of ownership. With CO2 lasers, have shown a smoother cut edge for thicker materials (anything > 0.25”). High power fiber lasers have the advantage of beam/gas delivery techniques that are showing promises to close the gap.


Can Fiber Laser Cutting Handle Your Part’s Tolerances?

Factors like roughness, heat input of the method, taper, and therefore the variability of the method during the production runs would eventually determine in practice if you'll hold parts within a tight tolerance. The combination of low heat input, a good surface finish, and stable cutting makes the fiber lasers a safe choice when it comes to cutting precise parts. It all really depends partly on the motion system of the cutting machine for the cutting precision.




Is Fiber Laser Cutting Viable for Your Next Project?

With the reliability, the high-speed fiber lasers, and deciding on the dosage of sheet cutting, they typically come in the lead of other process in terms of cost per part. The capital costs and running costs of cutting process are different. Fiber lasers have made economical parts that weren't possible before. With the supply of accelerating laser power at a lower cost year after year will find yourself shifting the value calculation in favor of the fiber laser cutting machines even more in the foreseeable future.


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Blackstone Advanced Technologies is proud to offer laser cutting services for your next fabrication product. We can fabricate any order, whether it includes prototypes, components, or final assemblies. We adhere to the assumption that prime quality results can only be achieved through the utilization of high-quality equipment. Our technicians operate the Cincinnati CL-900 4000watt Fiber 6×12 with an automated March system, the Cincinnati CL-707 2000watt C02 6×12, and the Mazak Optiplex 3015 4000watt C02 5×10 laser cutting machine, offering the fastest cutting speeds on the market! Laser cutting offers the power to chop through an excellent sort of materials and thicknesses at high speeds, producing extremely precise and accurate cuts.



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