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Marine Grade Aluminum vs. Marine Grade Steel

Oct 25, 2019 10:00:00 AM

Aluminum and steel are both hard metals suitable for ships and other naval vessels. While they both look and seem similar, there are a few major differences between them. Consumers who don't know the differences between steel and aluminum may end up...

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The Cost of Aluminum vs. Steel in Sheet Metal Fabrication

Oct 11, 2019 6:48:10 AM

Both steel and aluminum are used for making heavy-duty applications such as vehicles, buildings, machines, utilities, and more. Even if you are buying materials in sheets for shells, insulation, or something else, it's important to note that one...

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What is Marine Grade Aluminum

Apr 19, 2019 8:05:17 AM

Marine grade metals are specially treated to withstand use in water or wet environments. Usually, this is done by adding special alloys to the metal to make it corrosion-resistant. Most metals, such as aluminum, have marine grades.

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3 Tips for Stainless Steel & Aluminum Marine Fuel Tank Fabrication

Apr 12, 2019 6:40:50 AM

Marine fuel tank fabrication is the process of constructing a tank that keeps the boat moving for many years to come. This involves a special type of sheet metal fabrication to make a large tank that will keep the vessel functioning over time. There...

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Aluminum Vs. Stainless Steel for Custom Metal Components: Cost & More

Jan 2, 2019 8:55:00 AM

For those seeking custom metal components, finding the perfect material can be a bit challenging. Some of the most commonly used metals are aluminum and stainless steel, which seemingly have a million varieties.

Are you looking to have some...

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Aluminum Sheet Metal Design: Everything You Need to Know

Dec 17, 2018 12:46:00 PM

When you think of architecture or design work, you may not immediately think of metal, or of sheet metal, for that matter. As it turns out, that's a big mistake! Today, aluminum sheet metal is a valuable material in the world of metal fabrication...

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Sheet Metal Design Considerations: Maximum Amount of Bend

Dec 12, 2018 3:33:00 PM

In order to understand what the maximum amount of bend is for certain gauges of sheet metal, it's essential to understand a few basics of bending and other terms involving metalworks.

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What’s the Best Aluminum for Welding Projects?

Dec 10, 2018 4:54:00 PM

Aluminum, like steel, can be produced with many different physical and chemical properties. Some grades react well to welding. Others require more expertise or shouldn't be welded at all. So, how do you choose the best aluminum for welding?

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5 Paths to Perfect Sheet Metal Enclosure Design

Nov 26, 2018 9:22:00 AM

Industrial metal enclosures often follow a set of design guidelines that ensure manufacturability. If you are familiar with the basics, it makes your job easier. There are now several CAD programs designed to help engineers in the planning and...

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