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Sheet Metal Sizes Chart: All the Numbers That Matter

When specifying for a sheet metal design project, size matters. Knowing the right numbers -- and what’s reasonable and what’s not -- can be the difference between project success and failure. Be prepared and have a sheet metal sizes chart on hand...

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Sheet Metal Vs. Other Materials for Industrial Enclosures

Industrial enclosures play an important role in protecting the electrical components of various industrial equipment, such as wind turbines and mining equipment. The type of material used to create these enclosures can make the difference between...

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4 Simple Ways to Reduce Production Costs Before Your Design Hits the Mill

Sheet metal fabrication provides companies with a number of customized solutions for their projects, products and services. Although these solutions may vary in size and complexity, all fabrication projects require the same considerations when it...

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Do Steel & Aluminum Belong Together in a Welding Design?

When creating a specific shape or design, key components must be fabricated. There's a certain level of customization that cannot be machined and, as you make these designs come to life, you must be able to effectively shape and form metal into a...

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What Makes Shipboard Furniture Truly Seaworthy?

Francis Stokes famously said, “The sea finds out everything you did wrong.” Anyone who has experience sailing (and failing!) knows this to be true. There is enough to worry about before leaving the shore, so why add your shipboard furniture to...

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Sheet Metal Fabrication: ZAM vs. Stainless Steel for Transportation Projects

From large hoods to mufflers, transportation projects require a number of metal-based parts in order to create a finished product. When developing and creating these parts, various factors need to be considered in terms of sheet metal fabrication...

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Can Stainless Be the Best Steel for Welding?

Steel is one of the most common metals used in welding. Combining iron with 2% of other elements creates steel.

Carbon steel is the most common, with a higher carbon content creating a stronger steel. Steel can be used with virtually any welding...

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