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Feb 21, 2018 10:40:08 AM

The Basics of ISO Standards for Custom Metal Fabrication 

custom metal fabricationTo ensure a precise manufacturing process and a quality product, most custom metal fabrication vendors are in compliance with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), a body of representatives from industries around the world who establish, publish and distribute regulatory guidelines.


Many sheet metal workers are educated and certified in two popular standards -- ISO 9001: 2015 and AS 9102. But what makes these guidelines so beneficial to customers like you?


Why ISO Matters in Custom Metal Fabrication

1. Uniformity

If your order requires exact duplication of materials, shapes and cut, ISO standards help make that happen. Inside each standard are detailed instructions and drawings for workers to follow.


As an example, think about a set of school lockers, each with a vented door. The twists and protrusions of the vent as well as the cutout holes that allow the locker to be constructed must be identical on every piece.


Following ISO standards makes each piece alike. Additionally, each piece is similar to those made by manufacturers around the world, creating a standard for the manufacturing of all lockers. When each manufacturer doesn't have to draw up their own standards, the labor is provided to the client at a lower cost.


2. Workflow

ISO standards, ISO 9001 in particular, help managers and staff work more efficiently by:

  • Breaking processes into steps and sequences 
  • Identifying the appropriate manager
  • Grouping workers into teams
  • The manager assigning the steps and sequences to the teams (or individuals) 


In sheet metal, a choreography between management, workers, materials and machines allows the vendor to offer clients a quality result in the least amount of time -- and at the lowest cost possible. Managers who comply with ISO 9001 also benefit from instructions on how to record routines and back up work data for future orders.


ISO Is a Resource, Not a Restriction

ISO standards ensure your metal fabrication project is handled safely and is produced in compliance with the industry it belongs to. Working with a sheet metal fabrication company that abides by ISO doesn't mean you are inhibited in any way. When managers and team members follow protocol, they become a valuable resource.


Ask your vendor about your design ideas and custom builds. If your design violates ISO standards, they'll be able to tell you and prevent an investment of time, money and energy into a product that isn't compliant.


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