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Jan 17, 2018 3:26:46 PM

3 Ways an AWS-Certified Staff Can Be Your Sheet Metal Design Guide

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Founded in 1919, the American Welding Society (AWS) is a nonprofit organization that endeavors to advance the art and science of welding. In factories from coast to coast, the AWS has been a consistent leader, acting as a sheet metal design guide and pushing the art of fabrication and other related disciplines to new heights.


The AWS offers certifications that are nationally recognized, setting up a nationwide standard of quality that makes an AWS certification a great asset for welders and the companies that employ them. Having AWS-certified welders working on your project is a great way to raise your level of production quality.


Perks of Using AWS-Certified Staff as a Sheet Metal Design Guide

Here are three distinct advantages of employing AWS-certified welders:


1. Outshine the Competition

Having AWS-certified welders on your side will boost your profile in two significant ways.


First, it will give junior welders and welders who don't yet have their AWS certificates a clear standard to aspire to. When setting up teams for new projects, your AWS-certified welders are the clear choice for leadership roles.


But the most outstanding benefit is that you will have a clear advantage over your competition when prospective clients are vetting your organization.


2. Streamlined Communications

Because AWS certifications adhere to national standards, you can avoid all manner of communication errors between your company, vendors, and your partners. By adhering to these stringent standards, you can ensure the specifications on your designs are easily translated and can be reproduced wherever they are sent.


Plus, marking all of your design documents with the AWS standard is a handy way to let everyone know that you have a penchant for quality.


3. Raise the Bar for Quality

Since the internet first gained steam in homes and offices, online sales have had an enormous impact on the bottom lines of brick-and-mortar merchants. In this highly competitive environment, having an AWS-certified workforce on your side is a great way to offer a value-added experience to your customers.


When people visit your site, you have the opportunity to showcase the fact that your welders are up to the highest standard of training and professionalism. What's more, asking non-welding staff to complete the certification will enable office people, order takers and delivery personnel to offer readily available expertise and answer any questions your customers may have.


This can have a significant effect on your sales margins. This is because a prospective client who doesn't get his question answered on first contact will probably move on and give his patronage to the first company that answers his questions fully.


Learn More About Using Expert Staff

To learn more about the American Welding Society, and the advantages of working with AWS-certified staff, visit There, you can learn more about the benefits of an AWS certification.


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