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Jul 12, 2019 12:31:00 PM

3 Tips for Your Next Custom Perforated Sheet Metal Project

Perforated sheet metal is a popular product that can be customized for all kinds of applications in industry, engineering, manufacturing, and other related fields. Here are three tips to get prepared and make sure your next project that requires custom perforated sheet metal goes smoothly and delivers the best results.


Consider the environment where the finished piece of metal will be placed


Sheet metal can be used as an insulator from heat or cold, perforation can allow light to come through, and it can also be submerged or used in areas that are exposed to large amounts of water or moisture. Be sure to tell the business that is customizing your project about its final application so they can offer advice regarding features such as its composition and size.


Decide what kinds of perforations are necessary


Custom sheet metal projects can be perforated into many different patterns. While many of these designs are small shapes which are purely functional to allow air, liquids, or other materials to pass through, there are also decorative patterns used in architecture and other fields that are much more elaborate. Providing the metal fabricator with a concrete idea about the kinds of perforations you need and why they are required will help you receive a finished product that most functional. There are also a very large number of different perforation patterns available, so your fabricator should be able to help narrow this number down based on your specific needs.


Be mindful of custom perforated sheet metal's flexibility


With current fabrication technology, perforated sheet metal can be flexed, curved, bent, and used in many kinds of surprising ways. The material is extremely flexible both figuratively and literally. It is currently used for things as diverse as animal enclosures and medical equipment. By providing your fabricating company with your vision, they can probably find a way to make it a reality and supply you with the proper materials.


Start your project today


By keeping these three tips in mind, your custom perforated sheet metal project should be successful. Feel free to contact Blackstone Advanced Technologies in Jamestown, New York for your next project and utilize the most cutting edge technologies available to metal fabrication companies.