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Mar 28, 2019 3:17:28 PM

What a Cell Manufacturing Station Actually Looks Like

A cell manufacturing area is a dedicated space within a factory that focuses on producing a high quality product in an efficient and cost effective manner. Cell manufacturing is likely the easiest and cheapest way to produce certain types of products, if they are conducive to this method of production. Industrial enclosures may also be necessary to add a closed, secured cell manufacturing station to your work space. Think of a cell manufacturing station as an upgraded version of an old-fashioned assembly line improved by advanced in engineering.

Some highlights of a cell manufacturing station are:

  • The ability of one or more workers to move rapidly through the enclosed cell area that looks like a circuit while tasks are completed.
  • A constant flow of operations with little or no delay, contributing to efficiency.
  • There are no breaks in the production process because materials are already available and there is no need for them to be gathered, shipped, or moved around.
  • The most effective cell processes only involve a few workers and products that do not have multiple layers to the production process.
  • Cell manufacturing can be mostly or entirely automated for simpler processes involving metal, wood, or plastic, which means further savings on labor costs.
  • Individual parts of the production process should be able to be replaced easily when necessary.

One common application of cell manufacturing stations is for metal fabrication. The cells can be used to make the sheet metal production process better. Ideally there are no wasted materials and time is used efficiently during functioning hours, because cycle times for each cell can be calculated and tested in advance. Sheet metal is also a product that is simple enough that much of the fabrication process can be automated with the right knowledge, equipment, and expertise.

I would recommend Blackstone Advanced Technologies to implement their cell manufacturing stations for your sheet metal fabrication needs. Their large facility has all of the space and capacity necessary for the most advanced engineering techniques in cell manufacturing. They can reduce or eliminate delays, make the supply chain more efficient, and save costs on higher volumes of materials.