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Jan 18, 2018 10:07:48 AM

VAVE Engineering: Blackstone's Space and Repurposing Advantages for Cell Manufacturing

vave engineering.jpgBeing able to consolidate costs can tie directly to the materials, finish, and method you use to facilitate a welding design for metal fabrication. That's why it's important to use facilities that support VAVE engineering.


“VAVE engineering” is actually redundant, as it stands for “value analysis and value engineering.” Value engineering helps you streamline the supply chain of your new products, while value analysis helps you improve your current product's function and associated costs by identifying hidden or unnecessary expenses in your manufacturing process.


Cell manufacturing is one manufacturing technique that uses “VA” and “VE” principles to deliver quality products that are also cost-effective. Blackstone has repurposed the benefits that VAVE engineering brings via its facility to support cell manufacturing.


Blackstone Uses VAVE Engineering Ideas to Master Cell Manufacturing

1. Spacious Facility to Accommodate High-Volume Manufacturing

At Blackstone, you can count on leveraging a spacious facility to accommodate large-volume projects or customized projects, regardless of size. The facility has been repurposed to handle a variety of assembly activities, from laser cutting to welding. Blackstone’s facility features 275,000 sq. ft. of space, which also makes it ideal for storing inventory.


2. Optimal Layout for Cost Efficiency and Quality Retention

Blackstone's 275,000-sq.-ft. facility is large enough to not only store your inventory, but also accommodate cellular manufacturing (cell manufacturing). With this process, equipment and work stations are set up to streamline the flow of parts and materials to facilitate operational efficiency.


This means that your repeat orders can be produced at a high volume, saving costs while retaining their quality. Analysis of existing or new products will ensure the best setup for maintaining product quality in the most cost-efficient manner.


3. Manufacturing Bolstered with Speed

The facility houses cell manufacturing stations in a flow that supports fast and efficient production.


For example, the medium fabrication cells and large fabrication cells are located next to the assembly area, with quality-control checkpoints in between each process. This layout ensures the retention of your product's quality while keeping transportation delays at a minimum.


Final Thoughts

Using facilities that take advantage of VAVE engineering to support cell manufacturing can be instrumental in producing the quality product your company needs at a cost-effective rate. That's why it is key to use expert metal fabrication facilities that support cell manufacturing.


Blackstone's 275,000-sq.-ft. facility offers accommodations for cell manufacturing and more. Consider using facilities that utilize VAVE principles to get your product manufactured at high volumes without sacrificing quality.


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