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Mar 12, 2019 2:36:18 PM

The Cost of Getting Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Vs Standard Work

Custom sheet metal fabrication is an option for those who need something more specific than a standard size. Generally speaking, custom fabrications of sheet metal involve manipulating the raw materials into a size or shape for a specific project. This is often done when typical materials that can be purchased at most retailers are not right for a customer's unique needs. Shops who specialize in fabricating metals can bend, melt, cut, weld, and use other techniques to create a piece that exactly matches the customer's needed dimensions.

This is commonly done for industrial enclosures and other applications in manufacturing, transportation, and construction. When considering the price range for getting custom parts fabricated there a number of options to consider, such as:

  • The age and experience level of the shop doing the fabrication work. Established businesses with more clients can charge higher rates.
  • The level of detail involved in a particular project. Is it a simple fabrication or something that will be difficult and time consuming to produce?
  • The volume of the order. Higher volumes of materials tend to cost less to produce individually than a custom one piece project.
  • The particular alloy Metals all have different prices that can fluctuate often.

Keeping these factors in mind, custom work will cost more than standard sizes of sheet metal, however custom work is also the only option for certain projects, making it a necessary expense. Planning and execution of this process is also best left to experts, as specific engineering knowledge and computer aided designs are often utilized. There are a number of guides published online which help explain the factors that go into custom pricing such as transportation, overhead, the materials themselves, labor hours, particular service, and business overhead. All custom fabrication businesses obviously need to generate profits as well in order to survive, which is necessary in developing a fair price. Most shops have price sheets that explain raw material prices, packing and shipping costs, along with a process to make custom quotes for orders.

Interested businesses and individuals can contact Blackstone Advanced Technologies for more information about custom sheet metal fabrication. Our expert team can go over your specific needs and quote a reasonable price for you.