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Apr 27, 2018 10:05:00 AM

Sheet Metal Vs. Other Materials for Industrial Enclosures

Industrial enclosures play an important role in protecting the electrical components of various industrial equipment, such as wind turbines and mining equipment. The type of material used to create these enclosures can make the difference between whether success or failure occurs.


While they can be made from a wide variety of materials, including sheet metal and non-sheet metal material (such as composite and plastic) they differ in performance and durability. The production process of sheet metal fabrication versus other processes alone can impact durability and performance!


Consider these differences when you're choosing between sheet metal and non-sheet metal options for the enclosures.


Component Content Limitations for Industrial Enclosures

Large-scale industrial devices often require custom sheet metal fabrication for their industrial enclosures. Because some components of the enclosures require flexibility to produce unique shapes and angles to properly fit.


There are several types of components of industrial devices that need to be fabricated as opposed to machined, including wind turbine enclosures and mining equipment enclosures. These parts must use the best material to enhance protection of its electrical controls or other important safety features that need to be safeguarded.


For example, wind turbines require the components of  enclosures to be long-standing so that it lasts throughout the installation of the enclosure. You can use metal, composite and plastic to make these enclosures. They carry different attributes making some material better to use than others.


While thermoplastics are great for protecting against corrosion, they can still degrade over time in comparison to metals, such as stainless steel or aluminum.



Cost often plays an important role when you're deciding whether to go for sheet metal versus another option. That's why it's key to understand the factors behind pricing when using sheet metal that's fabricated versus material that's not made of sheet metal.


Sheet metal fabrication that's custom can inherently cost more than standard, non-sheet metal options for industrial enclosures.


The benefits of an initially higher cost compared to non-sheet metal material are:

  • Helping improve the volume of production.
  • When ideal materials are used from the start, you don’t have to spend money over and over again to find the right materials.
  • Metal is more durable than non-metal materials and will last longer.
  • Sheet metal maintains aesthetic appeal.

Sheet Metal Makes Sense

Selecting the right material for your industrial enclosure is specific to the function and flexibility you need. When considering a sheet metal versus a non-sheet metal material for the construction of your industrial enclosures, take into account whether or not its parts must be fabricated.


Looking for a sheet metal fabricator to suit your industrial enclosure needs? Give us a call! We’re happy to walk you through all of your options and find what’s best for your project.


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