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Dec 14, 2018 10:41:00 AM

List of Sheet Metal Finishing Techniques

sheet metal finishing techniquesSheet metal is made for many very important products and components that people use every day. “Sheet metal” refers to thin metal that can be bent, formed, and cut into various shapes. There is a wide variety of different metals that are used in this process, which include:

  • Cold rolled steel

  • Mild steel

  • Stainless steel

  • Copper

  • Brass

  • Aluminum

  • Nickel

  • More

Within those types of steel, there are many sheet metal finishing options. Some are for looks, while some are for protection -- or both.


Your planned use for the sheet metal will help determine which metal your fabricator prefers to use. Since these metals might be exposed to extreme heat or dangerous materials, it’s vital to choose the type of sheet metal that’s ideal for your application. Installing the wrong metal can result in very expensive and even fatal events.


Sheet Metal Finishing Techniques

While choosing the right sheet metal will make all the difference, adding a finish to your sheet metal will help it perform better and last longer. However, there are many different techniques for sheet metal finishing, so it might be difficult to choose.


Below you’ll find information on the various sheet metal finishing techniques:


Metal Plating

This process is done with a machine that uses a chemical bath to alter the surface of a substrate with a thin layer of metal. Metal plating is proven to:

  • Add durability

  • Increase corrosion resistance

  • Improve appearance

Buff Polishing

If you’re looking for a smooth finish on your product, then buff polishing is the technique for you. This finish is created from a machine that uses a cloth wheel to buff the product’s surface. This technique is mostly used for products that require a certain smoothness and luster.


Powder Coating

This process applies a decorative finish that provides a very durable material. In this technique, dry plastic powder is melted onto the metal surface, which produces a textured or glossy look.


Sand Blasting

This technique is very popular if you’re looking for a matte texture. This process forces sand or other abrasives into a substrate at high speed. The result is a smooth texture.


Where Is Sheet Metal Used?

By using advanced tools and processes, sheet metal is transformed into a wide variety of objects. From household items to signs and even artwork, sheet metal has become very useful. Here is where sheet metal can be found:

  • HVAC ductwork

  • Refrigerators

  • Street signs

  • Exhaust hoods

  • Artwork

  • Medical tables

  • Storage units/sheds

Given the many important uses of sheet metal, it has become a very popular material throughout the world.


Need More Information?

If you have questions about sheet metal finishing techniques, or if you would like to consult with one of our sheet metal professionals in person, contact Blackstone Advanced Technologies today! Our team of highly experienced sheet metal fabricators can give you finishing or other design advice, whether you’re searching for:

  • Shearing

  • Sawing

  • Punching

  • Laser cutting

  • Forming

  • Welding

  • Spot welding

  • Any other assembly need

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