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Apr 20, 2018 9:05:00 AM

Successful Sheet Metal Design Requires a New Perspective Sometimes

sheet metal designWhen you create a product, consumers will naturally flock to the item if it benefits their life in some way. Over time, though, they'll expect product improvements -- or at least lowered prices. This effectively leaves you in a position to engage in a product redesign. If you don't seek out a new perspective during sheet metal design, all of your effort could be wasted.


The Danger of Tunnel Vision in Sheet Metal Design

When you first start a business, you have a unique idea that you can hopefully start a business around. Over time, you bring in others who help you make the idea a success. This can serve your company well for years, but when the time comes for a product redesign, a form of tunnel vision typically occurs.


The reality is that, regardless of the change your company is going through, getting an outside perspective is essential. You and your employees have had one vision for potentially years, so it's understandable that you might not be able to step outside of this box.


Involving a vendor in your sheet metal design can help you "see the forest" in spite of the trees and avoid groupthink.


Outside Perspectives for Product Redesign

Your clients will want your new design to maintain functionality while providing decreased costs or other benefits. This can make the entire process difficult, but Blackstone Advanced Technologies can provide the outside perspective your product redesign needs.


Blackstone is trusted by the U.S. Navy and companies across the globe. Our experts can look at your current product and let you know if you can reduce your costs -- and your clients’ through:

  • Relaxed tolerances
  • Different finishes
  • Other changes

This outside perspective can change the game in product redesign and give your customers what they want.


Metal Fabrication and More

There are seemingly 1,000,000 manufacturing companies out there that suggest cost-saving measures. At Blackstone, you can get these suggestions and have the work done all in one place.


Does your redesigned product need:

  • Sheet metal fabrication?
  • Sawing?
  • Laser cutting?
  • Powder coating?

All of these services and more are available.


The product redesign process is far from a simple one, but if you can step outside of your own box and gain external perspectives from experienced professionals, everything becomes much simpler. You built a product that was able to achieve success, so make sure you don't let groupthink, tunnel vision or any other issue stand in the way of making your redesigned product even more successful.


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