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Jun 14, 2019 8:21:10 AM

In Advanced Sheet Metal Work, Craftsmanship Still Beats Technology

For most handcrafted applications that require a high degree of skill and attention to detail, machines and technology are still no replacement for years of experience. When your advanced sheet metal project requires a high degree of customization and quality, only a metal fabrication expert should be trusted to complete the job. The right expert knows how to use technology as a tool to their advantage, but knows the limitations of relying on these developing means of production. This is because machines still cannot beat an expert craftsman at their trade.

New technologies such as three dimensional printing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning have caused some industries to promote these developments as both the ultimate solution and eventual replacement of skilled human labor in a number of fields. However, at least at the present time and for the near future, this is certainly not true. These technologies have very real limitations, and especially for highly detailed or complex work involving metal fabrication, it would be extremely inefficient to have a bunch of machines or computer programs try to figure out a project or process that an actual person could complete within a few hours or days.


Furthermore, businesses who are already at the forefront of their fields know that technology can be used as an aid to seasoned workers rather than a replacement. Some of the methods and tools used by Blackstone Advanced Technologies for crafting sheet metal include:

  • Precision carbon dioxide lasers
  • Robotics to assist when extreme detail is needed
  • Hydraulic and mechanical presses
  • Various tools for cutting and hole punching into any shape or size
  • A large manufacturing facility with space for multiple projects and workers

These tools are used alongside seasoned sheet metal experts to provide an accurate, cutting edge product that is the result of both years of hard work and the latest technologies. Keep in mind that machines and computer programs still need guidance and planning from professionals who have learned their craft and gradually implemented technology to improve the process.

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