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Aug 23, 2019 7:41:58 AM

Different Types of Welds

Different types of welding play important roles in metal fabrication. Knowing the common types of welds makes it possible for professionals to create metal products that look remarkable and have long lifespans.


TIG Welding


TIG (tungsten inert gas) welding gives manufacturers excellent control over their work. TIG welding works so well that the aerospace uses it almost exclusively.


TIG welding generates heat from electrical currents. The result holds metal pieces together permanently.


MIG Welding


MIG (metal inert gas) creates smooth surfaces suitable for consumer products. If you want a seamless, sturdy weld between stainless steel, aluminum, and other popular metals, MIG welding will do the job.


Plasma Arc Welding


Most professionals feel that plasma arc welding requires more experience than other forms of welding. The complex process makes welding a bit slower. It results, however, in a high-integrity bond that medical, electronics, and automotive companies often prefer.


While plasma arc welding creates a strong bond between metal pieces, the process's high heat can reduce a product's mechanical properties.


Spot Welding


Spot welding is one of the most popular types of welding because it has a wide range of applications in sheet metal fabrication, metal stamping, and assembling.


As the technique's name suggests, it involves welding specific areas, or spots, or metal. When choosing spot welding, companies need to consider the number of spot welds per foot. The right number of welds can create a strong bond between materials. Too few weld spots, however, can create weak spots in the bond.


Seam Welding


Seam welding involves making a continuous weld along a joint, such as where two pieces of sheet metal meet.

Seam welding is considered a variation on spot welding. Seam welding, however, creates a more durable bond because it joins such large surface areas.


Blackstone Advanced Technologies uses a variety of welding techniques to give clients the strength and aesthetics they need. The company currently uses several spot welders, TIG welders, MIG welders, plasma welders-cutters, and arc weld guns.


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