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Sep 13, 2019 6:54:59 AM

Decision-stage post on Sheet Metal Finishing - Blackstone's capabilities, benefits of each

Some metal fabrication companies will offer a variety of sheet metal finishing solutions. I will tell you about Blackstone Advanced Technologies and their finishing options available to customers. These finishes ensure that each client receives the proper final product for their specific needs.




The natural color of the sheet metal used for your project may not be exactly what people should see. Not only does paint change the appearance, it also forms an additional protective layer. Therefore, a painted product can not only look better but last longer than sheet metal that is otherwise untreated or unprotected. This can save money over time and a project can be divided into sections that may need different colors or remain unpainted for an added degree of customization.


Powder Coating


A powder coat can change the appearance of the finished product and protect the metal from wear and tear. However there are some additional benefits are that are specific to a powder coat. The thick layer of powder on the metal will increase its durability. Coating may also be quicker and more efficient than painting or other methods of protection because of the possibility of completing an entire project quickly.


Smoothing and Polishing


The surface of your sheet metal project can also be improved with various sanders, deburring machines, or ovens that create a smooth or polished look on the end product. This is also done both for appearance and for functionality in projects that require a certain kind of surface reflection or gloss.


Multiple Stage Washing


Because sheet metal is subjected to various conditions and elements before it is formed into the final product, washing can be necessary to remove rust and other imperfections. An acid wash is generally used for this purpose, but Blackstone Advanced Technologies has a more advanced, multiple stage process that provides additional benefits and long-term protection.


Custom Finishing Services


Each project and client is different, and that is why Blackstone's engineering facilities can be used for any almost any purpose that will create or enhance your vision. Multiple different types of machinery and production techniques will be at your disposal to create a sheet metal project that meets all of your requirements.


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