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Mar 12, 2018 1:24:43 PM

No Specific Design for Your Custom Sheet Metal Project? Talk to a Fabricator!

custom sheet metal fabricator communicate.jpegWhen embarking on a design journey, sometimes it can be hard to picture what is specifically needed to accomplish your goals. Instead of spending time stumped on the design for your project and slumped over your desk, tap into an available resource: a custom sheet metal fabricator!


Your fabricator can answer a lot of questions, and help you work through a host of road blocks during the design stage.


Design Questions a Custom Sheet Metal Expert Can Answer

Remember, it’s better to take a small step back and troubleshoot a design issue rather than find out at the end you have hundreds of worthless parts.


1. Which Metal is Best for Your Project?

When considering details of your project, asking what type of metal is best is the logical first step. But, deciding on a metal is much more complicated than simply picking from a list, and goes much deeper than “steel or aluminum?”

After you decide on a metal, you still need to consider:

  • What type of that specific metal is best for your design?
  • What type of finish do you want? Are aesthetics important?
  • What type of tolerances (sheet thickness, etc.) are reasonable?

A fabricator can walk you through all those questions, explaining to you thoroughly the implications of each decision.


2. How Will Cost Affect Your Choices?

When designing a custom sheet metal project, you may begin to make uninformed decisions without realizing it. For example, you may be choosing a more expensive metal or process -- when there is a cheaper alternative that will accomplish the same aesthetic and functionality goals.

A fabricator should talk with you openly and honestly about the best ways to make your weld design cost-effective, saving your company from throwing away money.


3. Are There Any Risks With Your Design?

Weld defects are an unfortunate reality for vendors, and even the best of welders fall victim to some design malfunctions. But, some defects can be avoided at the design stage!


If you are walking through your design with your fabricator, they can alert you to any red flags in your design that might result in a weld defect. Avoiding a redo on your project means avoiding late delivery times and cost inefficiency.


Find a Fabricator That ‘Gets’ Design

A seasoned metal fabricator has experience working with clients and bringing their design ideas to life. When you’re stuck on where to go with your custom sheet metal design, give one a call. At the very least, you’ll get peace of mind that your design is on the right track!


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