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Mar 14, 2018 2:20:00 PM

How Value Engineering + Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication = Success

custom sheet metal fabricationCreating profitable products sometimes requires creating unique welding designs, but making parts using custom sheet metal fabrication can get expensive. These parts can also lose value if created with only the lifetime of the product in mind.


However, you can combine custom metal fab with value engineering to resolve these issues.


Adding Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication + Value Engineering

Here are some benefits of value engineering to consider:


Product Quality

Value engineering uses a system of function and examination to improve a product. When it comes to welding design, you can combine this method with customizing sheet fabrication to enhance the new products you create for your customers.


You can increase the worth of your custom sheet fabrication by increasing its value when you combine value engineering with your custom sheet fabrication process. That’s because value engineering facilitates product quality improvement, especially with a team -- disciplined in multiple tasks -- that can evaluate and enhance the process of custom sheet metal fabrication.


For example, a team member can identify materials and evaluate environmental factors that can impact the quality of your product. This works to enhance the quality of your product.


Consolidation of Costs

Costs directly impact the techniques, finishes, and materials you use to support the quality outcome of a welding design for sheet metal fabrication. When you use a facility that leverages value engineering, you can take advantage of the cost saving benefits it brings.


Value engineering reduces the additional costs imposed on your manufacturing process, or else the residual costs passed down to the end user or consumer.


For example, cell manufacturing facilitates cost-effective welding design for sheet metal fabrication with the application of value engineering to create new products. It allows you to simplify the supply chain costs so you can create custom components without incurring unnecessary expenses that drive up the end price of your product.


The Sum of a Professional Fabricator

Consider combining custom sheet metal fabrication with the benefits of value engineering by using facilities that leverage this efficient technique. Blackstone, for example, offers a wide range of capabilities that leverage the principles of value engineering for your custom fabrication needs, including cost reduction, design, and production analysis.


By combining custom sheet fabrication with value engineering, you can get the unique welding design you need while leveraging improved product quality and reduced costs.


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