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Mar 16, 2018 12:46:00 PM

Does Your Component Require Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication?

custom sheet metal fabricationCustom sheet metal fabrication allows you to access unique designs, which can then be used for a wide range of applications. This process has significantly developed over time, allowing clients to access everything from custom cabinets to enclosures.


Regardless of the industry, if you have a unique design or need, prefabricated products often don’t cut it. That is why industry leaders seek custom fabrication projects to ensure each and every requirement is met.


Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication vs. Machine Castings

When comparing custom metal fabrication to machined metal, there are some significant differences. After all, there are certain components that require custom metal fabrication.


Just a couple of the benefits associated with custom fabrication include:

  1. Components designed and fabricated to withstand the specific pressures of your applications. For example, industrial projects will require more unique components in comparison with the scientific community. On the other hand, components made by a machine will be produced based on a more generalized standard.

  2. Custom metal fabrication also allows you to obtain products that are built to specs in regards to your ideal design. From large-scale components to more intricate work, if you require anything out of the norm, custom fabrication is the way to go.

When You Should Consider Custom Metal Fabrication

There is a wide range of industries that require custom designs based on their unique requirements. Since sheet metal is so durable and malleable, this material offers great potential in terms of custom fabrication.


The industries that currently leverage custom work include but are not limited to:

  • Industrial -- From enclosures fabricated for wind turbines to mining equipment, these large-scale jobs often require custom projects.

  • Transportation -- Whether you design and build custom cars or unique locomotives, skilled sheet metal fabricators can help you make your vision come to life.

  • Military -- From custom metal showers to helicopter parts, the military demands the most durable and precise fabrication and welding in terms of their unique and often classified projects. When working with an established shop regularly, the U.S. military can build a trusted partnership.

  • Scientific -- The scientific community covers a range of occupations and objectives, which is why custom projects are so important. Whether you need unique laboratory equipment or specialized trays, it’s important that you receive the type of finished product you need.

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