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Mar 13, 2018 8:41:57 AM

4 Ways Your Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Is More Affordable With Us

custom sheet metal fabrication affordable.jpegCustom sheet metal fabrication has a variety of uses. Maybe you’re a designer who wants to create a unique accent wall. Maybe your manufacturing plant needs a new surface on which to store your raw materials and parts. Maybe you work on custom automobiles and trucks and need to create a vintage part that is no longer made.


Whatever your reason for needing custom sheet metal, Blackstone Advanced Technologies is here to help you create the sheet metal you need, affordably and efficiently.


Benefits of Blackstone’s Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

Blackstone Advanced Technologies is a leader in full-service custom sheet metal fabrication. Not only do we have the experience to create the pieces you need, but we can even save you money over working with other shops.

Here’s how:


1. One-Stop Shopping

Blackstone is a full-service shop. That means we can help you with everything to do with your project, from the engineering to the fabrication. You don’t have to spend extra money and hire additional contractors when you work with us.


2. Experience in Multiple Industries

We have experience working with a variety of industries, from transportation to military projects. That means we can get your job done quickly and efficiently, without having to educate ourselves about the nuances of your industry.


3. Quality Is Our First Priority

Our #1 goal is to get your project done correctly the first time. That saves you money and time over having to wait for something to be redone.


4. Value Engineering Experts

We are experienced in value engineering and cell manufacturing. That means we can help you streamline production and cut costs.


5. Singular Focus

At Blackstone, creating custom metal projects is our primary focus, not just a side business. That means that your project will have our full attention. It won’t be a project we fit between our “work.”


Save on Your Next Project

To learn more about how Blackstone Advanced Technologies can save you money on your next custom metal fabrication project, visit our value engineering page, call us at (716) 219-2066, or email us here.


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