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Jan 11, 2019 3:28:01 PM

Cost of Cellular Manufacturing in Custom Metal Forming

A manufacturing method that serves to streamline the process by producing a family of parts within a single line, cellular manufacturing makes it possible to produce all sheet metal components at once. This includes all secondary assemblies and fabrications.


A revolutionary manufacturing idea, many engineers and managers are excited about this method because it allows for reduced costs while also speeding up production times. With the use of value analysis and engineering principles to effortlessly produce products in high volumes, this method helps to reduce waste, making the process more efficient and sustainable.


A great method of manufacturing custom metal components, the following is a closer look at the benefits of using cellular manufacturing for your custom metal forming needs.


Cellular Manufacturing in Custom Metal Forming

Simply put, cellular manufacturing allows for one product to be created with the use of one long product line.


As it pertains to the forming of custom metal components, cellular manufacturing is a method of simplifying the many steps to this process. This not only helps to cut down on manufacturing times, but also saves money. Moreover, this process also provides the following benefits:


1. Maximizing Supply Chain Efficiency

This method of manufacturing streamlines processes that are usually scattered into one place, making the processes simplified and more efficient overall.


2. Repeat Orders

This process makes catering to repeat customers simple. Duplicate orders can be produced at high volumes, saving costs while maintaining premium quality components.


3. Lead Time Reductions

Cell manufacturing uses centrally located:

  • Fabrication cells

  • Assembly areas

  • Checkpoints

The layout provides a reduction in issues such as transportation delays.


4. Total Cost Reduction

The reduction in wait times between fabrications makes for shorter production times and helps to lower labor costs.


Faster, Easier, Better

Overall, the cost of cellular manufacturing in custom metal forming proves to be far cheaper than using other methods. Not only does this method help to maximize chain efficiency but it also helps to reduce lead times and even makes it easier and more efficient to handle repeat orders.


Either way, rather than requiring the use of an array of machines and employees scattered across the company, cellular manufacturing centralizes all elements of the process, making it faster and easier to produce projects and products of all kinds.


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