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Mar 20, 2020 9:00:00 AM

Advantages of Seam Welding

Seam welding is among the most popular welding processes for joining metals in a continuous weld. Highly preferred by welders, seam welding is practical for use on metals such as stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, and tungsten.


Used to weld various metal types, this process uses circular electrodes to give continuous weld. It is used to join two materials at the seam using pressure and electric current. Mostly, seam welding is used to fabricate sheet metal containers and automobile mufflers.


Below are some of the advantages of seam welding;



Little Instances of Overlapping


If you are concerned about overlapping of the weld, seam welding might be your ideal technique. It produces less overlap than projection and spot welding. Overlap produced during seam welding rarely exceeds 10mm.



Easy to Operate


This process is quite easy and requires basic operation skills. Compared to spot and plasma arc welding processes, the welder can do it without any complications. Because of its simplicity, seam welding helps achieve high production rates. It’s reliable and offers very few challenges to the welder. Also, this process can be used to join similar and dissimilar metals.



Maximum Utilization of Current


Distortion of heat is minimal because heating is confined to a small area. Current is only turned on at regular intervals reducing wastage. Current passes intermittently through the electrodes to form a series of overlapping welds. The use of low current means electrodes can have a longer life compared to spot welding.



Suitable for Liquid and Gas Tight Containers


Resistance seam welding works perfectly for liquid and gaseous joints. Steel drums, radiators, and tin cans are produced through this process. It creates airtight and watertight seals and is the best process for fabricating welds that need water or air leakage protection. Because of the creation of continuous welds, gases and liquids cannot leak.



Seam Welding Is Fast


If you want a fast weld process, seam welding is everything. With the whole process automated, seam welding seam faster than both spot and projection welding. Automatic transfer, loading, and unloading of components make the entire process easy and fast. Also, automation reduces labor input while multiplying output. Weld speeds are set for machines rather than human operation.



Minimal Pollution


Seam welding is one of the processes with no gas formation. Also, seam welding does not emit any fumes. Filler material, which causes pollution, is not utilized in seam welding.



Formation of Clear and Durable Welds


It gives a sturdy, durable weld with excellent reliability. Seam welds generally have better external appearance due to the absence of indentations. Joints are forged due to pressure and heat applied forming a durable weld. Tools produced through seam welding have excellent mechanical properties. Seam welds join a large surface area thus making strong welds. Besides, it is possible to produce parallel and seam welds simultaneously.



Application of Seam Welding


Apart from the production of air and gas-tight containers, seam welding is beneficial in many ways.

In the automotive industry, seam welding has various uses. First, it’s used in the manufacture of fuel tanks in the automobile industry. Also, car manufacturers use seam welding in making chasses for racing cars. Sturdy welds make racing cars’ chassis safe and durable.


Seam welding is also used in the fabrication of heat exchangers. Most of the welded heat exchangers have excellent qualities. They are highly resistant to corrosion and provide cost-effective exchanger fabrication.



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