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Weld Defects: Heat Distortion Afterthoughts & 3 Ways to Fix Your Design

Heat distortion is one of the most common defects that arise from weld specifications. From your end, it’s also one of the most preventable weld defects. You just need to speak your vendor’s language!

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Spot Welding Design: 3 Key Considerations

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4 Common Weld Defects & How to Prevent Them in Your Design

Has your manufacturer ever handed you a finished product that’s an eyesore or, even worse, poorly put together? It may be due to pesky weld defects.


Twists and turns are common when it comes to welding metal. Check these common welding...

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Easy Guide to Welding Symbols

One of the most common mix-ups between engineers and their manufacturing vendors is with welding symbols. Providing your manufacturer the proper design notations can be the difference between a great product and a distorted, ugly mess.

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What’s the Best Aluminum for Welding Projects?

Aluminum, like steel, can be produced with many different physical and chemical properties. Some grades react well to welding. Others require more expertise or shouldn't be welded at all. So, how do you choose the best aluminum for welding?


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